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2022 Guide to Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Date Posted: January 25, 2022 11:51 am

Pool resurfacing is an opportunity to give your pool deck a new and fresh look. Whether you are looking to make repairs or get a modern or classic look, pool resurfacing gives you a chance to do all that without having to dig out old concrete and pour a new one.

It is a fast and cost-effective process. The overlay product further strengthens the surface, whether your pool deck, patio, or another surface. An overlay is made from thin cement, polymer resins, sand, and other additives. The different overlay products will have varying additive compositions. The additives’ role is to improve slip resistance, performance, appearance, and the ease of bonding with the existing concrete.

The Best Pool Coating Options

Pool coating options are several, each suited for different needs and surfaces. In addition, some coatings come equipped to prevent damage from agents like pool chemicals, salt, abrasion, UV exposure, and extreme weather changes. Here are some of the most popular coating options, and you can consult an experienced local contractor to settle on the best that serves your pool deck.

  • Concrete pool deck paint: Using pool deck paint gives you the easiest option to apply and the most inexpensive, at least on upfront costs. Unfortunately, it does not have the advantage of longevity, so you have to reapply almost annually. Thus, its long-term maintenance costs may make it more expensive over time.
  • Spray texture overlay: This option is popular primarily because it is comfortable and safe. These qualities make it perfect for pool decks you intend to access barefoot. Another name for this coating is the knockdown finish or the pool deck. It also offers you plenty of customization options, including custom colors, aggregate effects, and score lines that help customize your deck.
  • Stamped concrete overlay: This coating option is one of the expensive solutions for upfront costs. However, it is an excellent way to resurface a damaged pool deck and integrate decorative elements. The final finish could look like wood, brick, or natural stone, among other popular choices. It is also more cost-effective in the long term than new pour.
  • Epoxy pebble finish: This resurfacing coating option uses a mix of epoxy and decorative pebbles. Its most significant advantages are the speed and ease of installation and the exciting color combinations available. In addition, it ensures a seamless finish. One area of concern is that the pebbles may start to pop out when the surfaces experiences wear and tear.
  • Rubber coating systems: These are a popular option in children’s playgrounds. The contractor applies liquid rubber coatings on this option’s existing pool deck surface. They have the advantages of being soft, safe, and come in varied color options. The only downside is that you have few design options, unlike this option.

Color Options you can Choose

One of the significant advantages of concrete pool decking is the chance you get to liven up the pool deck using different color combinations. The color choices are limitless, and it is an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and match the home color themes. For example, you can choose popular color options like tan, gray, and shades of brown to blend well with nature. Alternatively, you could go for unique opportunities ranging from white, blue to black and other bold color blends.

When it comes to coloring, there are three main ways to go about it, and they are;

  • Integral coloring: In this method, the color is mixed into the material. It ensures a consistent color throughout the coating and provides the perfect base for the new pool deck surface.
  • Color hardeners: In this option, you often apply a dry powder on the concrete’s surface before stamping. It is a preferred method if you want a strong color palette and if you want to strengthen the surface further.
  • Surface-applied color. This method uses stains, dyes, and other tinted agents. It can be used along with the two different ways. It has the effect of varying textures to look more natural, like the textures they resemble.
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How to Resurface a Pool Deck?

Pool deck resurfacing may involve spraying the concrete overlay or applying trowels which are often options for sound surfaces. Other projects may include stamping or stenciling. Regardless of your choice, resurfacing a pool deck follows these essential steps.

  • Preparation: At this stage, the contractor makes the surface ready either by grounding or treating it with chemicals.
  • Cleaning: The surface is then thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and debris. The contractor could use a broom, a pressure washer, or a hose.
  • Mixing: The next step is preparing the overlay by mixing the product and adding integral colors if you use that coloring option.
  • Applying: The overlay material is then applied, and any decorative elements are added.
  • Sealing: Once the surface is cured, the contractor adds a sealer on top for protective purposes. It helps your surface last longer.

Other Tips to Make Your Pool Look Better

While resurfacing is excellent, especially when seeking to cover any pool deck imperfections, you may not have the budget for the project. Or perhaps you are still considering the various options, but your pool deck needs urgent attention. Whichever the case, you can improve the look of your pool deck without adding a coating. Some of the measures you can take include;

  • Use a tinted sealer or concrete stains to change the color of your pool deck.
  • Remove grime and dirt from the concrete surrounding your pool
  • Sandblast the concrete’s top layer to expose the aggregate
  • Replace the old sealer for a new fresh look

All the above tips are options to consider when you see your pool deck requiring upgrading. It may seem like an exciting DIY project. Still, we’d recommend you to get professionals like Celtic Hardscapes – Pool Decks & Driveway Contractors in South Florida Counties – Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Florida who would bring expert advice, skills, and the right tools.

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