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Wouldn’t you like it if your swimming pool met more than just the basic requirements? Custom lighting, rock features, waterfalls, spas, and other features are what people use to give their pools makeover and add to their functionality.

Just because your pool has water in it for bathing, soaking or swimming doesn’t mean it should end there. Pool remodeling will mean the difference between a dull outdoor play area and your retreat. Read on to find out what pool remodeling entails and how we can help you get the right features in.

Pool Remodeling Services in Fort Lauderdale

Do you think about a new pool look or an upgrade? Do you want excellent swimming pool remodeling ideas or help to fix your old, leaking swimming pool? You have come to the right website.

Celtichardscapes provides the best pool remodeling services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding vicinities. We are proud of our remodeling department. This team of experts will help turn your outdated pool into a modern spa. Just a minor repair, redesign, and automation can transform how you use your swimming pool.

Our pool remodeling services include:

  • Resurfacing
  • Adding water features
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Lighting

Just because your pool meets essential functions doesn’t mean you should stop there; with just a few touch-ups and equipment upgrades, you can turn that old backyard pool into an incredible spa.

What is the best way to renovate an old swimming pool?

The excellent pool remodeling approach starts by evaluating the current state of your pool and deciding what needs to be changed to meet essential building and safety standards; after the determination is made, construction work begins. Our complete pool remodeling service entails a complete do-over of the interior finish, decking, tile, appliances, and even plumbing (if needed). Here’s the breakdown of standard pool remodeling services:

Pool resurfacing

By simply adding a new interior surface to your swimming pool, you can update the look of your backyard. Whether your collection is worn out or needs a brand-new character, we can help us rescue it from obsolescence.

Our remodeling team will resurface your dull or derelict pools with new plaster, fiberglass, plaster, ultra-guard, epoxy, or plenty of other resurfacing options. We can also update them with Pebble Sheen, Pebble Fina, or Pebble Tec. The choice is yours; get in touch with our team for a free quote on the services.

Remodeling a deck

Our pool remodeling department will help you update your pool deck with new looks. Whether you need to redesign your pool tile decking or have it cleaned, colored, sealed, or even replaced, we can accommodate your needs. If you choose to remodel your pool deck, you must select the suitable material to convey your design.

Whether you want a modern yet comfortable feel to your pool or just a natural feel to your backyard pool, the suitable pool deck material will assist you in achieving your desired look.

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Tile deck
  • Pavers
  • Composite wood

Concrete and wood are the most popular options. They offer flexible designs to deliver your preferred ambiance.


Lighting means a lot in a pool; it not only helps avoid accidents but also elevates the aesthetics of the place, lending charm, and beauty to an otherwise dull play place.

If you’ve envied the glamorous and elegant pool at your friend’s place, don’t worry, we can help you ramp up the competition, too. With modern inventions, your pool can be transformed into an illuminated light display.

Talk to our team about the right type and model of lighting for your swimming pool. With modern LED lighting solutions, your light will last longer and spare you extra energy costs.

Water features

Adding water features will elevate the dynamics of your pool without burning holes into your pocket. Sights and sounds in your backyard can elevate the mood, making the place relaxing.

For water features on your pool, there’s plenty of possibilities. From the primary fountain to an elaborate waterfall, we will help you select the best water feature that ties in nicely with your pool design.

Water features include:

  • Fountains, available in all sizes and shapes
  • Waterfall to elevate the mood and add privacy
  • A water wall, set against a great view, and with just the correct installation, we can make it look as if your pool doesn’t have an ending.
  • Mini-fountains at the shallow end of your pool usually have accompanying underwater lights to illuminate into the night.
  • Spillover to create a spillover effect where a spa faces the pool
  • A scupper at the edge of the pool to shoot sheets of water into the pool
  • A pond to accent your backyard and the surrounding


The worth of your pool depends entirely on the equipment you have. Our pool repair services, equipment upgrade, and spa automation services include

  • introducing new color lighting
  • new salon
  • putting in energy-saving solar heating
  • tile or flagstone repair
  • pool tile replacement (with many style options)
  • switching out worn-out pumps and filters, so you get clean and clear water
  • installing a saltwater chlorination system
  • making repairs to plumbing and electric systems
  • installing color lighting
  • installing new concrete decking

Updating your pool equipment will simplify the maintenance work needed to keep your pool in mint condition. You will begin enjoying your pool more than before

Make the call

Whether you’ve already decided or needed a further chat, our team is ready to answer your inquiries 24/7. Allowing your decades-old pool to mess up your property’s look is a bad idea. Enjoying new, resort-style living in your backyard is easier than you would imagine. Our professional pool remodeling team completely turns boring pools into vivid outdoor spas filled with sleek, luxurious details that exude elegance.

Please call or email to get an estimate for swimming pool remodeling costs. Our representative will get back to you with design plans and construction costs.

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