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Pool Deck Resurfacing in Fort Lauderdale

Does your pool feel boring, uninspired, and outdated? Remodeling your pool deck is an easy and inexpensive way to update and add a fresh new aura to your pool and the entire outdoors. Whether you opt to change the shape of your pool or expand the size of your pool deck, pool deck remodeling is a relatively fast and affordable process that seamlessly adds an exciting look to your outdoor living area.

The area around your swimming pool is called the pool deck. Despite the size of your pool, the pool deck plays a role in forming the backdrop of your entire outdoor living space. Thus, it is vital to ensure that it is in good condition to contribute to your overall pool experience. Here at Celtic Hardscapes, our team of dedicated professionals can assist you in any pool remodeling activities, pool deck refinishing, as well as pool deck resurfacing.

Common Pool Deck Materials

If you choose to remodel your pool, you must select the suitable material to convey your design. Whether you want a modern yet comfortable feel to your pool or just a natural feel to your backyard pool, the suitable pool deck material will assist you in achieving your desired look. Some popular pool decking materials include wood, concrete, stone, tile deck, pavers, and composite wood. Concrete and wood are the most popular options as they offer flexible designs to deliver your preferred ambiance.

Our team at Celtic Hardscapes ensures that you get the design you want with the proper safety measures. A pool deck should be safe and seamlessly blend in with your backyard. When choosing the materials for your pool deck, we can guide you through the entire process. One of our primary considerations is the aesthetic value of your poolscape and whole outdoor living area. Other considerations we factor in at Celtic.

Why is my pool deck cracking in South Florida?

Does your pool deck look like it’s been through a warzone? Are there cracks running through it, making it look unsightly and dangerous? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in South Florida find that their pool decks crack under the intense heat and humidity. While it may seem like a big problem, there are a few different reasons for this. First, concrete is a porous material that can absorb moisture from the air. This moisture expands when the temperature gets hot, causing the concrete to crack.

Additionally, concrete is also susceptible to changes in temperature. When the temperature drops at night, the concrete contracts, which can also cause cracking; luckily, you can do a few things to prevent your pool deck from cracking. For example, you can seal the concrete to help protect it from moisture and temperature changes. You can also make sure to regularly clean and repair any cracks. These simple steps can help keep your pool deck looking its best for years to come.

Hardscapes when it comes to choosing pool deck materials include:

  • Ensuring the finished pool deck is not bumpy, coarse, or uneven to prevent any accidents from tripping.
  • A heat-reflective poll deck material because some prefer to walk barefoot around the pool.
  • A pool deck material that is resistant to algae, molds, or chemical acid.
  • One that adds a relaxing vibe to the ambiance

Pool Deck Resurfacing

If you have an existing concrete pool deck and want to revive your old backyard pool, pool deck resurfacing is ideal. The pool deck refinishing, pool deck resurfacing involves repairing the existing pool deck concrete material or updating the entire look by tearing out the old concrete. Our expert pool resurfacing team will ensure that your old and worn-out concrete pool deck looks brand new and like natural stone.

First, we will begin by cleaning and curing the poolscape of any sunken areas or cracks. Once the area is clean, cured, and dried, we power wash the entire area with a pressure washer before adding the decorative finish. Essentially, the applying of the overlay product strengthens the appearance of your pool deck and entire backyard.

Depending on your ideal ambiance, there are several resurfacing options that our contractors provide. They can either use concrete pool deck paint, spray texture overlay, perfect for barefoot areas, and stamped concrete overlay. Pool resurfacing also allows you to add a splash of color to your pool deck. Whether you prefer a bold color combination or just solid colors, like white, black, or blue, pool resurfacing will breathe new life into your colorless pool.

At Celtic Hardscapes, we use a variety of coloring options to complete your pool refinishing project. Some of them include:

  • Integral coloring– they provide an excellent and consistent base for your new pool deck
  • Color hardeners– They enhance the surface strength of your new pool deck
  • Surface-applied color– They are usable with the first two options to provide unique topical color variations, giving your new pool deck a texture more like the natural materials they resemble.


Pool decking plays a vital role in the safety and looks of your pool. Due to the numerous decking options available on the market, you can create any look you want in your backyard when it comes to your poolscape. From building a brand-new pool to changing up the existing pool deck, our expert team at Celtic Hardscapes is ready to help.

Our team at Celtic Hardscapes makes sure that you get the design that you want with the proper safety measures. A pool deck should be safe and if you have more space. When it comes to choosing the materials for your pool deck, we can guide you through it. We always consider the aesthetic value

We put the safety of our customers above all and are conscious of the materials used for the pool deck. If you want a top-quality hardscape for your pool deck, contact us today at (954) 701-7933, or email at jim@celticpavers.com

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