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Pool Remodeling in South Florida: Is It Worth the Investment?

Date Posted: December 2, 2021 1:01 am

Pool remodeling is an excellent investment for those that have the money to spend. However, it can be a tough decision because you need to consider if pool remodeling will increase the value of your home and whether or not it will be worth the cost. This article will discuss how swimming pool remodeling could make sense in South Florida and what factors should play into your decision.

Is Pool Remodeling Worth the Investment?

The most significant reason swimming pool remodeling can be a good investment in the real estate market is that it could increase the value of your home and help you get more money when selling. When buyers purchase homes, they look for several things: size, location, age, amenities within the community/neighborhood, and several bathrooms. An essential factor in all of this is size. A swimming pool can be a great selling point that helps you get more money for your home when it’s time to sell and also increase the number of buyers interested in purchasing your home (not to mention a great return on investment).

The cost of pool remodeling depends on several factors: what type of renovation you want (tile work, landscaping, etc.), how big the pool is, and how much the current tile/paint/etc. needs to be replaced. To get a general idea of what you could expect, do some research on local pool remodeling companies in South Florida so that you can find out how much they charge for their services vs. what your home might require.

What pool upgrades are worth the money?

The benefits of pool remodeling in South Florida (and add value to your home) can be seen right away by restoring and maintaining good looks, safety, and functionality. With these three things accomplished, any homeowner will feel confident that their pool has been given the best possible care and attention to detail.

Pool remodeling (a fantastic home improvement) in South Florida also provides an opportunity to add value or change the look of your home drastically for a fraction of what it would cost if you were to buy a new house with all those features already built-in. Keep reading this article for more information on how pool renovations can raise property values, increase comfort levels at home, and enjoy worry-free use year-round!

Is your Pool too Small?

Pool size is vital for some reasons, including visual appeal and functionality. For example, if you have excess space in your backyard or garden that’s not being used efficiently, it can be challenging to know what to do with all these extra feet – until now! Consider reducing the dimensions if necessary so as not to interfere with parties or other events buyers might want to host on their property.

Pool Remodeling in South Florida: Is It Worth the Investment? Infographic

Thoughts about upgrading your pool

Pool remodeling can include several upgrades that will increase the value of your property, such as changing tiles or adding amenities. Here are some pool renovations for high-end and mid-range homes:

Adding color through different tiling methods

Choosing a more unusual shape like circular pools – they’re not normal! You should also consider what kind of fence would match its design aesthetic (wood vs. chain link). Other features worth considering when making changes could be:

  • Water slides,
  • Diving boards
  • Fountains with Bluetooth speakers underneath
  • Mini jacuzzi
  • Hot Tub

Will remodeling help the resale value?

A remodeled pool is a great way to increase its usefulness and visual appeal for your family and enhance outdoor spaces (also make it appealing to potential buyers). Some signs that you may want or need help with are when:

  • Plaster cracks on walls,
  • There are leaking in some regions of the ground around seams, especially where the grout has worn away, exposing aggregate bedrock below, which can result from poor seam sealing practices 20+ years ago;
  • additionally, if an outdated heater with an inefficient plumbing system fails, it’ll be more susceptible than newer models because pools have evolved so much over time!

You want to make your pool more energy-efficient and safe with features like automatic filters, skimmers, covers. You can also add customizations for parties such as spas or fountains in the water feature so that you won’t have a space onsite anymore!

Remodel your South Florida Pool with the Pros from Celtic Hardscapes

The best way to make the most of your pool remodel is by considering what you want to accomplish with it. Pool remodeling can be an investment, but if you’re looking for increased value and enjoyment out of your home, then this might be the perfect project for you. If that sounds like something worth exploring further, please call Celtic Hardscapes today at 954-566-3635.

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