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Should You Replace Old Concrete or Resurface?

Date Posted: February 21, 2022 3:37 am

If you own a house, you want nothing but the best for your home. Your home is where you meet your visitors, live with your family, or even throw parties in. And if you want your home to be as presentable as possible, you have to maintain your home in its best shape no matter how hard or taxing it can be.

With that, many aspects of a house need attention and maintenance. For example, there is the bathroom where molds could grow anytime, sinks that can be clogged up, and furniture that may break in the long run. Unfortunately, the reality of owning a house is not as lavish as we think, and we will probably face a handful of stress that we cannot avoid entirely.

More than the things that we’ve mentioned, it is also essential to look at the surroundings of your house. For example, the roof drainage of your home may be clogged right now, or the outside walls are starting to stain due to drastic weather changes. Beyond this mess, there is also another aspect that you should look at, and that is your driveway.

You might have noticed that your driveway drastically changed since you bought your house if you read this article. It may have developed some cracks, and some concrete crumbled over time. No matter how worse your current driveway may look, you must remember it is normal. However, even the occurrence is regular, you should not ignore the problem of your driveway. But, as they say, a beautiful surrounding of a house leaves a good impression on all.

Are you wondering how to fix the sorry state of your driveway right now? Are you debating whether you should resurface or replace your current driveway? We will help you answer some of your questions.

Replace and Resurface: What Are Those?

Over time, concrete can develop unwanted cracks, becoming brittle. This is inevitable, mainly since we use the driveway to park our cars. However, if your driveway is made with quality materials, your driveway shouldn’t suffer extensive damages. But if your driveway is made with substandard materials and rushed the construction, you must expect that there will be damages that you cannot avoid.

Even if there are damages, they can be fixed and controlled, where resurfacing or replacing comes in.

Assess the Damage

Resurfacing or replacing the concrete is two different methods that you can do to fix your driveway. The first method is resurfacing. Resurfacing a driveway is when you buy a resurfacing component, usually a concrete resurfacing. You will use that resurface to touch up the cracks and crevices that developed in your driveway. Think of it as like you are putting a foundation on your bare skin to fill in the gaps and the pores, but the foundation is permanent, and it will forever fill up the holes and cracks.

This method is best to do when your driveway is not too damaged yet or if it only has small cracks. If you think the damage is not too extensive and you only want to make it look cleaner than its normal state, resurfacing is the best method to do.

While replacing your driveway means tearing everything down and, as the name suggests, replacing everything in your driveway. This is best if your driveway develops massive damage over time and you feel like resurfacing won’t do its job anymore to fix the state of your driveway.

Now, what is the best time to replace or resurface your driveway? Here are some helpful tips you should know before deciding whether to replace or resurface your driveway.

Assess the Damage

Before deciding whether you should resurface or replace your driveway, maybe you should assess the damage first. Think if other serious matters may cause your driveway to crumble over time. For example, is your faulty drainage system that caused the soil to erode? Or is it because your contractor used a substandard material to create your driveway?

There are many things to consider before choosing between resurfacing or replacing, and it is best to study the root cause of your problem so that it will not happen again in the future. For example, you may want to consider choosing quality materials this time or choose the best remodeling company that can help you assess the damage.

Know Your Budget

Of course, you must know your budget first before delving into this big project. Considering the time and cost that you might spend, it is best first to assess your current limitations and what you can do to overcome these limitations. Replacing or driveway resurfacing can be expensive, and it is best to know if you need to do these methods right now. You can think of other ways to make your driveway more presentable, even if you have a limited budget.

Talk To a Professional

Talk To a Professional

Doing everything your own in matters like this is impossible, and that is the reality. In issues like this, it is still best to talk to a professional who can help you assess the damage and give affordable alternatives that you can do to fix your driveway. It’s okay if you feel lost or overwhelmed by the different options you can do. So don’t be afraid to start a conversation about something that concerns you, especially for the home you built upon yourself and your loved ones.

After this, if you are still debating whether to replace or resurface your driveway, you can start talking to a professional, and here in Celtic Hardscapes, we can help you.

Celtic Hardscapes is known for remodeling and fixing pool decks and driveways. We can also fix your decks and patios and even make any repairs inside or outside your house.

As for your driveway, we at Celtic Hardscapes can do various assessments that would match the current state of your driveway. Beyond that, our services are affordable and available anytime. To know more, visit our website at https://www.celtichardscapes.com or contact us at 954-566-3635 for the best driveway resurfacing Broward.

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