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South Florida Pool Deck Resurfacing

The average swimming pool needs resurfacing once every ten years. Nonetheless, many homeowners forget how critical pool resurfacing services are to their long-term maintenance needs.

The best resurfacing contractors do more than keep your pools in pristine condition. By choosing Celtic Hardscape as your pool deck resurfacing contactors, you get complete swimming pool remodeling services.

Our teams go beyond the inside of the pool to deliver better-looking decks. With our pool deck refinishing services, we create decks that are easy to clean and maintain using materials that enhance the visual appeal of your space within budgets. See why more homeowners call us for all of their pool deck resurfacing and refinishing needs. No one does it better than us.

Affordable pool deck resurfacing.

For your pool deck resurfacing needs, it pays to work with a contractor who can do a perfect job without blowing your budget. Our clients can expect a competitive quote and quality workmanship from our team of pool deck resurfacing experts. We are well connected and occasionally tap into broad networks for superior quality materials at pocket-friendly prices.

Clients come first, always.

Our experts will work collaboratively with you every step of the way to deliver high-level expertise and guidance. Trust us to deliver with success on your pool deck vision. Whatever challenges come our way, we will find prompt and cost-effective solutions. We will find ways to turn your backyard into a paradise.

We possess cutting-edge techniques.

We look beyond hackneyed solutions when undertaking pool resurfacing jobs. We have mastered our way around coating materials, processes, and best practices. Our clients benefit from beautiful and robust pool surfaces that are resilient to cracking and aging.

Ability to work with all materials

When it’s time to give your pool surfaces a polished surface, you can choose many design directions. We are experts in acrylic coating, pebble and stone surfaces and can also work with concrete, plaster, and other materials. Let’s leverage our extensive experience and quality materials to upgrade the look and feel of your pool for many years to come.

Comprehensive approaches with impressive results

For the best pool resurfacing project outcomes, you deserve a contractor that goes the whole hog in delivering on your objectives. At Celtic Hardscapes, the process starts with poll draining and preparation. Our specialty crews then remove the old material using meticulous sandblasting techniques. What follows next is the installation of the finish material and acid wash to protect their shine.

Creative and functional upgrades

We provide pool deck remodeling services that entail creative and functional updates to deteriorated concrete around the pool. We can build a new stylish deck for you or retile the old one to add a touch of elegance. If you are into a new look, we can top that off with heat reflective materials, LED lighting, and other unique features.

We clean up and keep things neat.

The beauty of your landscape doesn’t have to suffer every time you call pool deck contractors. Our technique involves approaches that are minimally destructive and emit less debris. We shelter the areas with coverings to minimize the dust from the sandblasting process. Our professional teams remove debris and waste materials from the site and the yard at the end of every workday.

We are here for you

Apart from the best skills, materials, and techniques, you should select an accessible contractor. Celtic Hardscapes walks the entire journey with you from start to finish. Call Celtic Hardscapes today.

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